Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald REVIEW (non-spoiler + spoiler)

The time has come when everyone has to pick a side… I’ve been waiting 2 years for this movie. It has been my most anticipated piece of entertainment in a long time. And in many ways COG did not disappoint. In others though…

This review will have 2 parts. The first part will be SPOILER FREE so you can read it even if you haven’t seen the movie. The second part will go into SPOILERS, but I will clearly announce when that happens so no worries.

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As I mentioned above, COG has a lot of highlights. There are some scenes in there that are so damn perfect that my Potterhead heart jumped. The cinematography is way above what we have seen in the first part. The score is beautiful and it borrows some from the original Harry Potter series, especially in the parts where we see Hogwarts. And yes, we see Hogwarts and it gave me chills. Easily the second best part of the movie after the beginning.

Concerning the characters, we have a lot of them. And this is where things got a little messy. The movie is just a bit over 2 hours long and there are so many characters, especially new ones, that there isn’t nearly enough time to explore them all. So some of them inevitably get the stick. A bit sad since there were some parts of the film that could have easily been cut to make room for more character development.

My second pet peeve with the movie is how it is edited. While the characters might be entirely on J.K. Rowling, the editing is David Yates’s (the director) fault. A movie usually has a 3 part structure. But that is forgotten here. The beginning is amazing, the ending is shocking and the middle is all over the place. And that is all on editing.

But overall I enjoyed the hell out of it. There was much fan service and as a fan I appreciated it. You can see that I keep repeating the word ‘fan’. And that is because for anyone who hasn’t at least seen the Potter movies this one will be hard to follow. It is the kind of flick that requires quite a bit of prior knowledge. So make sure you at least watch the first Fantastic Beasts if you want to go see it. Which you should!


**********SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!**********


Now we go into spoiler territory so be warned.

As I mentioned above, there is a lot to be liked here. The opening scene, where Grindelwald escapes MACUSA custody is simply fantastic.

The Hogwarts scenes are just as magical and we finally see why Dumbledore teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts. McGonagall shows up too and she is amazing. I know JK kind of broke the canon rule here, but it was minor enough not to bother me.

Talking about characters, my favorite was Leta Lestrange, That is strange haha. She stole every single scene she was in. Her story is heartbreaking and she has some of the best lines in the entire movie. The mystery of her familial relation with Credence though was something the movie did not need. It was way too complicated basically did not amount to anything.

Talking about Credence, he shows up accompanied by Nagini (yaaaaaay… or not). Credence is ok. We still only see bits and pieces of him but he is a very interesting character. Nagini on the other hand is total bait. I expect she will be more involved in future movies, but here… man oh man, her romance with Credence is not only useless (because in the end he leaves her just like that), but it is also a burden on a movie where we already have 3 other couples!!!

Another one of those couples is Jacob and Queenie who have by far the most endearing romance with the most awful ending (can’t say I’m surprised Queenie joined Grindelwald). Gosh, that was ugly. I am really curious to see what’s next here.

Dumbledore and Grindelwald… I know some people might be shocked they weren’t my favorite characters but Leta is there, sorry. That being said, they are both excellent. Anyone having reservations about Johnny Depp should be at ease. He is stunning as Grindelwald. Actually more menacing that Voldemort… and more powerful from the short bits we see in this movie.

Now, regarding the romance with Dumbledore: it is there and it will surely be explored more in the future. I doubt anyone can say Rowling is just baiting with that one.

The ending… oh, that ending. So Credence is a Dumbledore… we still don’t know how they are related but I suspect he is Ariana’s son. That is the only way all of this makes sense. But man, it was a bomb. Everyone in the room just froze. It was beautiful.

And yeah, this is my review of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts down below. 

33 thoughts on “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald REVIEW (non-spoiler + spoiler)

  1. I completely agree!! I feel like the romance with Nagini was a way to push her towards inevitably being stuck in snake form. But we’ll see, it’s interedting to have her in there though.

    And I don’t know how they’re going to pull of Credence‘s relation. I’m so stoked for the next movie though!

  2. Ok so, Credence being a dumbledore was definitely a big shock but the thing about being Ariana’s son couldn’t be true, and please correct me if im wrong, but I thought that Ariana was killed by Grindelwald (sometime in the past)during a duel against both albums and Aberforth and they probably still lived in godric’s hollow at the time. I think the ruling theory is that’s Credence is a secret dumbledore brother, possibly fathered by Percival inside of azkaban. Also the woman on the ship was Credence’s aunt possibly Honoria (according to the screenplay). The one part of the film that really could connect credence and Ariana is the prophecy “a son cruelly banished, despair of the daughter, return great avenger with wings from the water” , but it could still be connected to Leta as well. While some of this information is from what I know, some of it is influenced by an article on

  3. Credence cannot be Arianas son. Ariana was 14 when she died and there are alot of hints that she was an obscurus. She died in 1899. Credence was born in 1901 and adopted in 1904 (the dates are in the books, in the description) But the obscurus could look for a new host, that is just my guess.
    And why is Dumbledore teaching Defence when he was the teacher for Transfiguration? And how was McGonogall in the movie when she was born in 1935?

    1. I’m in love with this movie even if there are some “troubles” but after seeing the movie, I saw on Instagram some posters that you can find like in cinemas or else and and there was a word of description under each character and under Leta’s one there was “implicated by prophecy” so I haven’t had the time to think about that but I think it means something and I can’t find what… (maybe it’s just me who doesn’t understand)
      -For Queenie I was soooo sad, I didn’t want her to go with Grindelwald!
      -Grindelwald and Dumbledore… I really don’t understand because when we see Dumbledore in front of the mirror of Erised, he see Grindelwald with him and doing the blood pact so like it’s what he want the most so he still love Grindelwald, like…he prefer Grindelwald to Ariana and his parents, even though in Harry Potter 1 I think he sees himself with his family without Grindelwald(and he’s still alive) so I think in the Fantastic Beasts 3-4-5 we’ll understand who killed Ariana Dumbledore and I think it’s Grindelwald and maybe he did it because he wanted to kill her and that’s why Dumbledore didn’t liked him after… Ok, I hope you can understand what I mean but it’s really difficult because I’ve got so many ideas in my head, I can’t concentrate! 😂😂 Oh and I haven’t talked about Credence being a Dumbledore but it would take too long !

    2. I agree that he couldn’t really be Ariana’s son but my theory is the same (I read it on therowlinglibrary or some similar website) that the obscurial could look for a new host and it could actually be Ariana’s obscurial in Credence. Maybe he survived past age 10 is because he is a Dumbledore? But Idk who he is exactly (“Aurelius Dumbledore”) Could be Aberforth’s son for all we know. About the Transfiguration and DADA thing, many people suspect it could also be a temporary position he had taken because the DADA professor couldn’t (like Snape had done when it was full moon for Lupin). I am not sure about McGonagall thing though. Idk how they are going to explain that. I loved the movie 😀

  4. What do you mean by “the canon rule”? Is it because she wasn’t born yet?

    Grindelwald tells Credence something around the lines of “your brother wants to kill you” and then he tells him he is a Dumbledore. The “Ariana’s son” theory doesn’t seem likely since she died really young.

  5. This review honestly sums it up so perfectly – and I have no idea how to wait for the next one. Although, I admit, I think we all need a bit of time to process that ending! While sitting in the cinema, when that bomb was dropped, it was complete silence and then nervous laughter at the fact that my brother shouted “Plot twist!” and only realised once we left that he shouted it out loud haha. I’m so excited for the continued growth of our wizarding world.

  6. Love they movie. I still have that feeling that Queenie is going to play in both sides. I want to believe that. Leta shouldn’t have died… I thought Theseus was going to be killed. That ending scene, I don’t think that’s true. It can’t be a Dumbledore… That’s going to be a Grindelwald’s lie. Why?.we’ll find it on the next movies. 😅😂

  7. The McGonagall thing didn’t bother me just because they never addressed her by first name. It COULD be a relative somehow. I know her dad’s a muggle but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be her mother working or a father’s sibling or relative. Leta was amazing. I loved her. I did love Credence and Nagini, Nagini for her choice at the end which was surprising to me. I thought she was going to stick with Credence. I do love Credence because he is a tragic character. All he wants is to know where he came from and where he fits. His story is so sad I love it. I also love that Queenie went with Grindelwald. It made sense. I like that it’s not just black and white, but a lot of grey. Drop did a great job, so did Law.

  8. Loved your review. And I loved the movie too. It was amazing. My favorite character was definitely Grindelwald. Johnny Depp just killed that role. I loved Leta too 😀 I wanted to see more of Jacob and Queenie, but oh well! And yes I totally agree that the romance between Credence and Nagini was useless. And that end? Oh gosh!

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