Hi! My name is… oh, we already went over that. Okay then.

So I’m Liz and I’m a fiction junkie. I don’t know what’s with the real world that I find the fictional ones so much more appealing. Maybe because out of all the parallel universes, we happen to live in one without magic (O Discordia!). Or, at least, the in-your-face-magic. No superpowered beings, no fire breathing, no moving objects with your mind. So I’m trying to fill in the void, by staring at marked slices of wood for hours on end, while hallucinating.

And, sometimes, I create too. I don’t know if I like creating more than consuming; writing more than reading. I guess they are sides of the same coin, a coin called humanity’s-need-for-stories. Think about it – from the beginning of time, us, humans, told stories. About gods, about rain. We passed them from one to another, we painted them on cave walls, we carved them on rocks, and we wrote them on papers.

There’s something that stuck with me after reading Apt Pupil by Stephen King (great story by the way, go read it). It went like this: you see something for the first time, and right away you know you have found YOUR GREAT INTEREST. It’s like a key turning in a lock. Or falling in love for the first time.

I’m glad to say I found mine.

By the way, you can find me at sagan_elizabeth@yahoo.com.

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